The tenant will be responsible for the payment of all the utilities including gas, electricity, water, telephone, council tax and television license but not limited to, unless otherwise agreed and stated.As the landlord you are still responsible for the payment of service charges and ground rent in leasehold properties and buildings insurance on Freehold properties.

Safety Certificates & License to Let/Requirements and Safety Regulations:

It is the Landlord’s responsibility to provide us with valid safety certificates (Gas, Electric & EPC) before signing the Rental Agreement and also if the property is within London Borough of Newham, a copy of the license to let is also required prior to signing the agreement. We can arrange the above on your behalf if requested.

Energy Performance Certificate – EPC

If you rent out, buy, sell or build a property, you will need to get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). An EPC rates the energy efficiency of a property. It is based on the building’s energy performance – for example, how much heat is lost through the roof.
An EPC also takes account of the property’s heating and lighting. EPC’s do not cover domestic appliance performance, like washing machines.
An EPC is valid for ten years – even if new tenants move into your property during that time. You should give a copy of your property’s current EPC to each tenant.

The Gas Safety Regulation 1988

You must arrange an annual maintenance check of gas pipe work, appliances and flues. This should be carried out by an approved engineer registered with the Gas Safe Register on an annual basis.
You should keep inspection records for at least two years and give copies of the reports to your existing tenants within 28 days of each inspection. You should also give copies to new tenants before they move in.

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulation 1994

You are required to carry out regular inspections of fixed electrical installations, such as sockets and light fittings, every five years. You should also arrange, at least once a year, for a qualified electrician to carry out a portable appliance testing (PAT) safety test on any portable electrical equipment you provide for tenants, for example kettles. The PAT tester will give you a dated certificate and put stickers on the plugs of appliances to show that they are safe.

The Furniture and Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1993)
It is an offence to let a property containing furniture and soft furnishing which do not comply with the above Regulations.

Smoke Detectors

From June 1992 all new homes must be fitted with mains operated smoke detectors.

Landlord and Tenant Act 1985

Section 11 – 16 of the above mentioned Act state that you must keep in repair and good working order:

• the structure and exterior of the property (including the drains, gutters and down pipes) in good order and repair

• the installations for the supply of water, gas and electricity and space heating and hot water and;

• sanitation including basins, sinks, baths and sanitary conveniences


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